This year the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival celebrated their 10th anniversary, and I was lucky enough to attend their first night to watch the MYER Spring/ Summer ’16 collection, featuring designers such as Alex Perry and Aje.

I walked into the John Reid Pavillion, where the show was being held, and was struck by the amazing lay out. There were photographers at the entrance, snapping pics of “groovy fashion” and the dim lighting of the space created a surreal and exciting atmosphere.

Outside the John Reid Pavilion.
I wore Kookai with Famous Footwear stilettos. 

As I approached the next room, the Fashion Bar, I immediately envied about 20 outfits. The style at this year’s event was amazing. I picked out women wearing Aje, Sportsgirl, Kookai and so many other incredible brands.

The Fashion Bar, directly adjacent to the VIP area was flocked with fashion lovers waiting to catch a glimpse of VIP’s. A-listers like designers, musicians and bloggers would occasionally step out of their VIP sanctum to get snapped in front of an astonishing wall of photos that was a vision of the past 10 years of MBFF.

Alex Perry and I in the Fashion Bar. 

As 6:30 struck we were ushered into a vast room, where the runway would be held and welcomed by the host, Robin Bailey from radio station 973. The energy of the room continued to heighten as designers from Aje and Alex Perry came out to talk about their latest collections.

Perry described his ‘Black Swan’ collection as “Crisp, sharp black and white with punches of colour.”

Whilst Aje’s latest collection is all about “elevated, everyday essentials. Statement, edgy pieces.”

However, Jennifer Hawkins stole the show with her memorable stride in a Cozi black two piece with sheer details.

About a week before the event I was lucky enough to get in contact with Liz Golding, the styling director at MBFF, Golding describes her role as Styling Director as both “creative and logistical”.

I co-ordinate everything and choose many of the creative aspects but there is a team involved and everything has to pass by Lindsay Bennett for approval. I would say that it is also 50% Public Relations! The logistics are huge but after 10 years they are easier, there aren’t too many surprises,” says Golding.

Although, MBFF is aimed to showcase the designers, it’s clear that styling is also a major part of bringing the show together. As I watched the fabulous runway I kept noticing the styling of each outfit and how it brought the outfits to life, as something you could picture yourself wearing.

To put a show together you need to have all the ingredients… Great models, great hair and makeup team and choice, great runway and location, great ambiance and music, great lighting, great audience, great clothes that are accessorized well and worn well, great order to the show, great team work in getting everything together on time,” says Golding.

White Suede 

Seed (Both above images) 

All the labels were so uniquely different – its clear that this season is all about working your own look! Choose your fave style and do it well!

For now…



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