Sustainable and eco-friendly fashion is not a mainstream concept, as consumers it’s rare that we take notice of where the garments we purchase are produced.

Although the ethical production of fashion is not unheard of within the fashion industry, the majority of labels continue to opt for unethical production in order to achieve quicker and cheaper manufacturing of garments, a term known as “fast fashion”.

With many popular brands known to fast track their garment production, it’s unbelievable that mainstream fashion labels aren’t becoming more ethical and sustainable.

Undress Runways support eco-friendly and ethical fashion; showcasing sustainable fashion labels Undress Runways aims to irradiate unethical production.

“We want to make public the demand for a fashion industry that values our fellow human beings and the environment.”  (http://www.undressrunways.com/about/#mission)

Undress Runways showcase an eclectic mix of labels that do fashion responsibly – this may include upcycled clothing, using natural ways to dye material (E.g. Red wine, turmeric) or re-using old materials to include into their designs.

Image: Hannah Wake Collective, Undress Runways 2014

Photo Credit: hannahwake.wix.com

Edda Hamar, Managing Director of Undress Runways, created Undress Runways with a passion of the unknown.

“In my final year of uni I wanted to do something that I had no idea how to do, I wanted to take on something a bit crazy. I knew nothing about fashion and I wanted to do a fashion show,” Edda says.

After managing a successful fashion show Edda realised that she wanted to show something that was more than just aesthetics.

“I decided I wanted to keep doing fashion but I wanted it to have a message. So I started researching about sustainable fashion and the fashion industry and I realised that we don’t know where our clothes are coming from… That’s how Undress started. It’s about Undressing mainstream values and materialism, just looking at the honest picture of where our clothes are made and if we are really okay with that,” Edda says.

Undress Runways have now expanded and are creating their own fashion label called VIHN, “VIHN comes from the Icelandic word ‘vinur’, meaning ‘friend’… We chose this name because we often forget that there are real people behind our clothes… real people, just like us.” (http://www.vihn.com.au/our-story/)

In order to produce this label Undress Runways have partnered with a production factory in Cambodia called Lotus Silk to produce the garments.

The proceeds from the VIHN line will be funding projects at Lotus Silk, including child care for workers, solar panels for the work space and education for workers.

VIHN will feature a simplistic and edgy style which creates an almost futuristic concept. The concept of ‘futuristic’ portrays the idea that sustainable and ethical fashion is the future of garment production.

The ‘futuristic’ ideal can also depict a notion of the unknown, something that is almost foreign and unheard of – ultimately creating a fashion forward label, designed to influence and change the ways of the fashion world.

Photo Credit: startsomegood.com

Rather than leaving a carbon footprint Undress Runways are leaving an ethical, environmentally friendly and extremely trendy STAMP on the future of the fashion industry.

Feature photo credit: www.designforchange.org.au

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