For generations fashion has used music and music icons as inspiration for runway shows and collections. 

From the late 1960’s where festival style was inspired by New York Woodstook – Jimi Hendrix rocking the fringed jacket. During this style era there were also reports on flares, crochet and caftans. Festival fashion was also made prevalent by Kate Moss as she made famous the pairing of Hunter Wellingtons with festival attire, redefining festival fashion. As we can see, this fashion inspiration has resurfaced and continues to be a popular style.

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in 1986 Run DMC were the reason for the surge in popularity of Adidas Original Sneakers after their My Adidas campaign – sound familiar? This year Kanye West collaborated with Adidas Originals with a full presentation at the 2015 New York Fashion Week.

At a 1991 Versace fashion show, supermodels demonstrated their feminine empowerment by mouthing Freedom by George Michael’s on the runway. Here, music and fashion were used together to create an image of strength.

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Music has a great deal of impact on fashion – inspiration and presentation. Music icons have set a multitude of fashion trends which designers use to create their collections. But, not only does fashion love music, but music loves fashion.

In 2014 Rihanna won the CFDA Fashion Icon award, attending the ceremony in a controversial, yet awing swarovski crystal dress.

Music uses fashion for expression, inspiration and promotion. For example, Madonna collaborates with H&M, which is perfect for audiences and therefore the artist themselves. The internet provides fans and audiences with the perfect opportunity to find and access the brands that celebrities wear and advertise.

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Check out the July edition of Vogue Australia for a full fashion meets music timeline.

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