“In character, in manner, in style, in all the things, the supreme excellence is simplicity”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Simplicity is crucial to a perfect outfit. Remember ladies, less is always more.

Over cluttering your colours, patterns and styles will confuse your outfit – keep it simple. Rather than blocking every colour of the rainbow, mixing stripes with paisley or attempting to morph grunge and classic, step back and look at your outfit as a whole.

Keep it simple by sticking to the classics of monochrome, your wardrobes best friend. Now, lots of people think “monochrome” is merely black or white, however, it is also “varying tones of only one colour”. So in order to keep your outfit simple and chic, try not to over complicate it with an abundance of colour that distracts from the focus of your ensemble.


Photo credit: en.wikipedia.org

This season black and white are must haves for your style repertoire. It is so easy to style your outfit around a basis of black or white. These basic colours will be the center of your outfit – work them into your own style to put a simply powerful spin on your outfit.


Go for casual chic by pairing nude with your black and white pieces – and there is always a place for denim!

Playsuit: Begging Boutique 

Boots: Spurr Basics

Hat: Tigerlily


Keeping in theme with “monochrome”, incorporate differing shades into your ensemble. A waist belt is always a good way to tie your outfit together.

Playsuit: Verge Girl 

Shoes: Tony Bianco

Belt: Dissh

Feature photo credit: www.flickr.com

Until next time…



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