Originally, bohemians were travelers around Europe, considered to, generally be, artistic and have eccentric lifestyles.

Now, the bohemian or “boho-chic” style is extremely popular, as we attempt the laid back “indie” look. Bright, funky patterns and relaxed fit material, even celebrates like Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson are embracing this gorgeous fashion (See vogue.com).

A perfect place to find some boho clothing is at the Eumundi Markets – if you haven’t been, I would definitely recommend it. Today, at the Eumundi markets, I had the chance to talk to the owner of Chantik Rhythmn, a darling bohemian/ 70’s resort inspired clothing label. The majority of the clothing is handmade by the owner, hand woven, sewed or crocheted, the rest is sourced from a family in India.


The owner herself wore a blue pattered dress, which she described, along with the rest of her style as boho/festival attire. She uses bright fabrics, perfect for festival wear. Additionally, incorporating vintage pieces inspired by icons such as Fleetwood Mac (British-American rock band) and Stevie Nicks (American singer-songwriter).

pattern 2 pattern 1

Chantik Rhythmn is at the Eumundi Markets every Wednesday and Saturday, and at the Cotton Tree markets on Sundays. She also has a store at Eumundi Square. To find out more about Chantik Rhythmn you can look at her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chantikrhythmn or follow her on Instagram: rocklily_designs

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