So, my first attempt of making a shift dress is complete! And it is safe to say that I am completely in love. The first of many shift dresses to be welcomed into my wardrobe…

Despite the simplicity of this dress, my armature sewing abilities increased the difficulty of this grueling, but exciting, process. 1 and a half days of non stop cutting, pinning, stabbing fingers, sewing, unpicking, re-sewing, arguing and frustration. Although, the sewing may not be perfect, I am extremely proud of my vintage inspired shift dress.

I chose the material from Spotlight, from a fabulous vintage inspired material selection. I followed a simple shift dress pattern – which you are able to find in multiple sewing books available at spotlight – and with a little help, I made my first dress. Such a simplistic and versatile style, fit for all occasions. I will definitely be making more shift dresses in different colors and patterns.


Step #1: Choosing fabric 

Step #2: Cutting pattern 

Step #3: Sewing 

Step #4: STYLING! 


I chose to style my dress with Dissh Boutiques ‘Wildcats Belt’, along with some simple black ankle boots and canvas bag, for the perfect, casual, vintage inspired look.

Until next time…



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