Now, we all know that fashion revolves, rotates, turns, spins and orbits around our world to provide us with style. Fashion definitely evolves, but it also returns, as popular styles from the past make their comeback. In today’s society, fashion is more versatile and eclectic, there isn’t one specific, popular style trend, but rather a multitude of differing looks that are more for oneself – an expression of personality.

But, whether you like it or not, past, rampant trends are easing their way back into the limelight as we are now revelling in vintage inspired clothing. From flare jeans to paisley prints, I think it’s safe to say that “THE 70’s ARE BACK!” I don’t know about you, but I’ll welcome my wardrobe with a vintage sheer bell sleeve top or a platform heal any day.

The 70s were a time where fashion was inspired by hippies – bright colours, tight pants, the works! And now, so many known brands are embracing the 70s style… Sportsgirl, TopShop, Asos, boohoo and more! All grasping this seasons latest trend of rich patterns, miniskirts and tube tops… the boho, hippie 70’s ‘flare’ for style. Etsy is also a great place to get your hands on some unique and affordable vintage clothing.

As reported by Lachlan Hastings of the Australian MX,  Even Montana Cox, one of Australia’s leading fashion models, is relishing in the 70s flare, saying “it’s all about masculinity, which is really exciting for me because that’s my day-to-day wear” (Australian MX).

A style revival…

Until next time



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